Top 5 fountain pen inks to choose from

In today’s digital world, when anything written is usually typed out on the computers and desktops, a recent study proclaims that when it comes to writing, taking out a fountain pen and using your own handwriting is still considered to be ‘elegance personified’. There is something special about writing a letter or a message with the dried fountain pen ink leaving traces at various angles which surpass the digitally fed – in letters of modern world. Just like there are various types of fountain pens, some suited for writing and others for calligraphy; similarly there are various types of fountain pen inks which enhance the experience of writing with a fountain pen.

The five of the most popular fountain pen ink colors are described below.

  • Nano Black:  The all-time favourite black ink has various purposes. It sums up for a beautiful travel companion. This means that you can actually write down your travel accounts in beautiful notebooks like the clairefontaine notebook so that you can read and re-read them whenever you wish to. Since the ink is pigmented in nature, it is necessary that you wipe off the remaining ink from the pen cautiously, else it might jam the mouth of the pen. This bottle might be a little bit of an extra investment but it lasts for a longer time than any regular ink bottles, making it one of the desired ink colours of all times.
  • Blue-Black: The uniqueness of this colour is that it readily dries off with speed and leaves a trail of shaded colours once it dries. However, it is available only as cartridges and at times can be ordered from e-commerce platforms.
  • Oxblood Red: Remember how teachers use red pens to correct notebooks. This is one of the colours which fit perfectly well for such purposes. Without leaving any stains, it writes beautifully on all types of papers. It can write on any notebook, like the leuctturm1917 notebook, without leaving imprints on the page behind. Check out at Notedian
  • Serenity Blue: Blue has been a standard colour from the time inks were discovered. Thus, this forms one of the most wanted colours of all times. Blue inks have been used regularly by individuals and also in schools and colleges which instruct their students to write with ink pens. This is an inexpensive choice which lasts for a long time and can write perfect letters on any kind of paper-rough or smooth.
  • Red: Skip red is one of the bright red inks which you can choose and use for writing special letters and notes. Usually, there is a fear of red inks staining on the back of the paper. Though with this ink, you should not worry about stains but one cannot be too careful either. A lot, at times, depends on the material of the paper you are using.

Thus, these are five of the most loved fountain pen ink colours that you must try writing with. For more information on ink colours you can take a look at websites like