Government Initiative in Promoting Solar Panels in Brisbane

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency has recently announced the future plans of expanding solar energy projects in Australia. With huge funding of almost $92 million from a federal agency ARENA, they have proposed 12 new projects of solar energy in Australia this year. Almost 30% of residential apartments and buildings have solar panels in Brisbane. Therefore, it is considered to be one of the most conscious cities in Australia in respect to the use of solar energy.

Why Is Brisbane Ahead in Using Solar Energy

Since the city receives almost 5.5 hours of continuous sunshine per square meter on an average, it aptly suits to be the capital city of the so-called Sunshine State. Since the latest trend in Queensland is that of self-consumption, you need to essentially rely on maximized utilization of solar energy.

According to the Australian Renewable Energy Target, the Federal Government indirectly offers distinct 30 to 40% discount on installation of Solar PV systems to meet the target of solar energy stabilizing program. Moreover, you can avail solar panels in Brisbane at market competitive rates, which means you can avail the best prices in the market.

Solar Energy Awareness

The global resources for natural power production are reducing day by day and there is a huge cost involved in the processing of electricity from natural resources. This is why the Australian government is taking keen initiatives on spreading and promoting solar energy awareness program throughout. Moreover, to enhance the awareness of solar energy utilization throughout, the government has reduced the installation charges, solar PV system prices, etc.

Advantages of Solar Panel Installation

There are several advantages of installing solar panels in Brisbane. Since the city already avails the privilege of receiving sunny days throughout the year, the environmental condition for solar energy utility is apt.

·        After the initial installation charges, the rest is almost free apart from maintenance charges.

·        You do not need to depend on any other source than the sun for energy production.

·        It is an absolutely environmentally friendly resource. In usage of oil or other fossil fuels as a resource, there is a huge amount of pollution, whereas in case of solar panels, there is no environmental pollution.

·        You can use battery to store the excess amount of energy for future use when the climate is either cloudy or at night whenever you run out of electricity.

·        Since by installing solar panels in Brisbane you can be completely independent, you can also select to be within the grid network and sell your excess electricity.

·        You can essentially extract credits from utility companies in the form of rebate or other concessions to maximize your output benefits.

In Australia, the government is already very supportive in case of solar energy utilization. There are essential rebates, discounts, installation charge rebates and help available for common people. Besides, the new solar PV systems come with an extended warranty period of 20 to 30 years of constant service, which means you can have relaxed service tenure from the solar panel after the initial installation of the systems.

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