Know the Different Types of Divorces before Choosing an Attorney

If you are not able to live anymore with your spouse and have decided to take a divorce, then you will need any of the best divorce attorneys Franklin TN has today; if you live there. There are different ways in which you can get a divorce, and the difference arises in the approach of the couple, or based on fault of any one among the couple.

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Whatever is your procedure to get separated from your spouse, divorce is a time-consuming matter that will make you go through a roller coaster of emotions. You have to put them aside and think about children and money. You need to approach any Franklin lawyer for divorce, and he or she will help you choose the best way to get divorced.

Summary Divorce

If you are married for less than five years and do not have any children, you can file a summary divorce. Once you are sure that there are no joint debts and both of you mutually agree to get divorced then you can file the court papers jointly. In a summary divorce, the paperwork is much less than any other type of divorce. The procedure is so simple that you can even get the divorce yourself with help from any of the Franklin lawyers.

Uncontested Divorce

More or less like summary divorce, here neither you nor your spouse contests in any matter. Both of you agree to the terms of the divorce and file the papers jointly. In this type of divorce everything will be taken care of by an attorney Nashille based. You do not have to attend to any trials or may not even have to appear in court.

Default Divorce

You will be granted default divorce when you file a divorce case, and your spouse does not respond to it. Even if your spouse does not appear, you will be granted a divorce. Such type of divorce is mainly granted when there is no information from your spouse for long.

Mediated Divorce

In this type of divorce, you have to depend upon a mediator, a third party who is neutral. They will sit down with you and your spouse, and try to resolve the situation. You can have best divorce attorneys Franklin TN has today for being the mediator. However, the mediator does not take any final decision.

Collaborative Divorce

This is a bit different type of divorce from the other ones. Here you need to work with lawyers who will work together and discuss about different things. If required both the lawyers will negotiate to come to a standpoint that will be agreeable to both. However, when your case is not settled by collaborative lawyers, then they will resign and hand over to other lawyers who will take the case to trial. Check out Nashville Divorce Lawyer

Contested Divorce

However, in most cases when the divorce takes place, the couple does not agree with each other. They argue over everything, starting from child custody to property distribution.  Here, the divorce may be filed separately and there are a number of accusations on each other. You need assistance from best divorce attorneys Franklin TN has who will exchange information and negotiate on your behalf. If you both do not come to any conclusion as regards to such situations, then the case will go to court trial.

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